Friday, March 25, 2011

Original Scarlett Johansson Pictures and Photos leaked

She is seen nude photos ass from behind the mirror was not censored. Original photo Scarlett Johansson is transmitted on the internet is considered as the target of hackers. Seeing the results of the camera shots look like a hidden camera in front of the mirror. So that the photos taken are the result of bias from the mirror. Scarlett face itself looks very close to the camera.

So it can be concluded that the likelihood of hackers taking photos Scarlett was not through Hanphone, iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone or another model of Scarlett. But through the deliberately hidden cameras installed at certain places which have expected the place would be purpose Scarlett to take off her clothes. It is very plausible. And it can be done by people who know where she went at a certain time.

The possibility of spread by her own could be removed for a while. Experts photographs can certainly know by looking at the shots or the position of the object only.


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